Focusing on your goals


It’s always hard to stay on task when no one can clearly see your vision but you. No I’m not talking about ‘relationship goals’ or ‘boyfriend goals’ or whatever some people are screaming, I’m talking about taking in account the goals you have set for yourself in the future.

I have found it so much easier setting short term goals because you actually stuck to plan and staying true to what you say. Stay confident and don’t let others tell you how you should be doing something you clearly are passionate about, you will excel in your own time and pace because if you’re doing something your not happy about it will take so much longer to get done. Keeping busy is also anther way of staying focused and helps you from becoming lazy, when you’re on the move you’re more likely to just get things done rather than putting things off, how many times do you say ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’… Think about it, taking the time out to do things now just makes it easier for yourself to focus on doing something productive tomorrow.

Not caring is the BIGGEST FACTOR, don’t let what people think put you off what you know you do well in. Since I adopted the ‘not giving a fuck’ attitude I’ve seen changes in the people I surround myself with and a change in my everyday schedule, I’m actually sticking to plan.
Make the right chooses for you, don’t let other people interfere in your life. Now let’s talk uni, I do have to say university is not for everyone, if you know what you want to do and university just isn’t cutting it for you explain to your loved ones your plans and hopefully they will be able to support you because spending time on something you don’t see a future in is the. Biggest waste of time. I personally think my course (even though it’s in the media field) doesn’t fully allow me to express my creativity the way I want to, there’s always limitations and that’s why I take on side projects that help me stay focused on things I love to do

This was just a short post so you all know you’re doing is right, focusing on you, your goals and future. No one understands your dreams the way you do so always stand by your thoughts and don’t be scared to mix things up but remember always stay true to yourself

34 thoughts on “Focusing on your goals

  1. I really like that advice you give. It is really important to do what you love with passion and trust your instincts. There is no other feeling like accomplishing goals that you have created for yourself. It’s a great post :)))

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  2. Thank you for sharing this post! You’re absolutely right! It is difficult to stay focused on your vision when you’re the only one who can really see it. This is why it is important to stay busy by creating mini goals in order to reach bigger goals. There is something about feeling accomplished that keeps the inspiration flowing (if that makes sense). Great post!

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  3. I loved this post! It so easy to get wrapped up in what society says you should be doing when you’re young. Im definitely gonna start doing more short term goals.

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  4. Sounds like you are at a tipping point in your life. A lot of times that comes with a big birthday or a life event and it can make a big difference on your life from this moment forward. Filling your schedule with things that need to be done to push you to your best self is a great way to feel great about yourself. A few achievements no matter how small remind you that you are moving forward, further than the day before. Keep forging on! 🙂

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  5. This was really an inspiring post. And something everyone should think upon. No one should ever lose sight of their goals. And keep working to achieve it. I loved the advice given by you in this post..
    Happy blogging..

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