This post is basically me raving about how good this brand new businesses products are. I don't know whats better, the fact the products are 100% Shea based, natural and organic or that it is a black owned business by a flourishing female. The products are good for all skin types and they have an … Continue reading Shealuck


Hey this is a new segment I'm introducing where I post my outfits and give you the hook up of where the pieces are from, hope you enjoy xoxo CHOKER - topshop £4.99 TOP - topshop £25 Troucers - topshop £35 Heels - missguided £25.99      

Wise words with Monae

Hey guys, today's post is something short and sweet, a segment I'm introducing to my blog, wise words with Monae, here to provide weekly motivation starting a new chapter can be hard, especially when you have to forgive people, but don't forget forgiving people isn't for their benefit, it's for you to heal. I'm a … Continue reading Wise words with Monae

My blogging camera

The camera I use is the Olympus E-PL7 which retails for £399. If you are looking for a blogging camera at a decent price with a built in viewfinder, this might be the camera for you. I'm a sucker for packaging and I absolutely love the design of this camera, there are two colour ways … Continue reading My blogging camera

Summer growth

'People treat you the way you allow them to' That statement can make your mind go into overload and question a lot of things. We are 4 months away from a new year and in all honestly I can't wait, I've progressed mentally so far but it hasn't been easy at all. One of my … Continue reading Summer growth

Does this offend you too?

Does my name offend you? No you can not alter my name, I'm sorry you are unable to ask how to pronounce things and immediately ask to call me a nickname, I'm sure you are somewhat educated and able to pronounce new things Does my hair offend you? No you can not touch it out … Continue reading Does this offend you too?

The girls society

This is a piece I recently wrote for 'the girls society' which is a fashion and culture organisation based in London which aims to inspire and empower girls through creative freedom, forward-thinking and artistic expression. It provides a collection of timeless creativity; stemming from : a series of words, sounds, images, collaborations and experiences and workshops. … Continue reading The girls society

A letter from Danny

These are not my views, the short following letter is from Danny expressing feelings he wanted to get off of his chest. This is what he wanted to share in participation with bringing to light people dealing with their mental health   Not a lot of people can relate to feeling alone in a room … Continue reading A letter from Danny

Ella’s Story

The following story is from Ella sharing her person experiences of dealing with anxiety and depression To be honest, I didn't know what I was going through was a mix of anxiety and depression. I thought that was just the way I was. I didn't like getting up and going out and building my dreams, … Continue reading Ella’s Story