Back at it again with the girl talk

I was unsure on whether I wanted to talk about this, but honestly looking back on past experiences is the reason I always a remain focused on my goals, because ladies, boys will play games but your money won’t. So indulge with me in this girly chat as we talk about relationships..

Of course I’m a sucker for love but don’t be that girl that is going out of her way looking for a relationship because the right one will find you when you are ready. There’s been plenty of times when I’ve thought I found ‘the one’ only coming to find out that they are looking for one thing or don’t treat me like the princess that I am.. Because you all are. I can’t believe I’m telling this story (how awkward if he’s reading this) but vividly remember this one guy that I put so much time and effort into, he would Β always miss dates, like literally I would beat my face and get a call literally 10 minutes before were meant to meet saying ‘oh I’m sorry something came up can we meet later on’. If there’s one thing I hate more than anything it would be wasting makeup, and to believe I would actually redo my makeup. He would always call me and be on my line but have the nerve to say he’s not ready for a thing serious, boy please. Anyway the point is put time into people that do the same for you because please believe that same boy was in a relationship like one month later, it’s not that he wasn’t ready for a relationship, he just didn’t want it with me, sometimes girls it’s just that simple l. If someone is interested in you believe me you would know, there’s nothing wrong with catching feeling as long as they are mutual and you can clearly see that, if not focus on yourself don’t let someone hold you back or rush into anything you’re not ready for. It is the worst to be on the phone to a friend that is saying she will never make that mistake again but not changing anything in their lives to help themselves, don’t let that be you, learn from your mistakes, notice signs because no matter what you will always know deep down is you’re in the wrong or right situation. Boys come and go don’t rush anything and focus on your goals even if you are with someone, you should both be positively working together as a team.

The most important thing to think about even if you’re not in a relationship is are you actually happy, is the person your with or talking to making you happy, if not you need to reconsider your situation and focus on things that can genuinely get you to a good place because boys will go on saying ‘what can girls even offer me’ but the only thing they have is a car ? no caring bone in their body, oh no no no, hunny the real question is what can you offer me. I am currently in a relationship that is making me happy and making me grow as a person, it has make me realise my worth and what not to accept in a relationship.

Eventhough this sounds like a rant it’s more of a healing process post to help you with any relationship or boys troubles you’re struggling through because all jokes aside I know it’s really, really hard to get through things like this. Just remember you’re young, have fun and enjoy yourself, don’t weight yourself down with something that’s not uplifting you’re spirit

comment below with you’re own experiences or other topic suggestions for girl talk


33 thoughts on “Girl talk: RELATIONSHIPS

  1. So true. I like to think, how can they make something more appealing that I can already give myself. It’s cliche but once you claim who you really are, that’s when things really start poppin lol xx

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  2. Haven’t been a girl in a very long time, I’m old, but believe me, these problems exist for us (some of us never learn). Sure wish I’d read this decades ago! Love it, thanks!

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  3. Hey Mina, this is Talia from the BlogHive Facebook group and I just wanted to stop by to say that I loved this post!! And I completely agree with you, if a guy is into you you’ll know! More girl talk posts please! πŸ™‚


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