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This post is a little different from the usual but I recently teamed up with Rachel Fineman and done a feature/interview with ARTEFACT magazine discussing.. some may say a more personal side of my life. I delved into my own personal struggles of dealing with my anxiety in order to try and reach people who may be dealing with the same issues, I included things I do to help calm my nerves and how I deal with it on a day to day basis.

Whether dealing with stress, depression or anxiety, there are always ways of breaking out of that zone and getting help. There are always going to be people that may not understand the feelings you are having, but you could help them gain knowledge on anxiety by researching into it,  just so they understand where you’re coming from and how you feel.

For me, I found ways of coping with my anxiety with a few techniques. Sometimes it’s hard to believe they work because of all the thoughts going on in your head all at once, but I have noticed a difference in myself. Even though people may not always notice it, there are so many things that make me anxious, which causes me to panic and get overwhelmed. One thing that definitely helps is breathing exercises. In the heat of the moment you may think it’s stupid, but I literally put my hands on my knees and breath while thinking happy thoughts.

Opening up to yourself is oddly relaxing and therapeutic, I have even calmed myself to sleep once. Prayer, yoga and meditation are a few things that help clear my mind of all negativity. Whether it’s laying down, closing your eyes and clearing your mind of all thoughts, literally do anything that could help you calm yourself down and overcome your anxiety in that moment of time.

New environments and places can make my anxiety go up a bit, but being around people I love with positive energy always helps calm me down.

The weather can also play on my mood, for example, when it’s sunny I feel like I’m glowing, but bad weather can make me feel gloomy, however, when I’m inside and it’s raining the sound of the raindrops on the roof and windows really help me to relax; so keep that in mind. Keeping active has definitely been one of my most successful coping techniques. Going to the gym definitely releases endorphins and you can feel the change in your attitude and everything you do – that is something that I would definitely recommend trying. When my anxiety is at an all-time high I get in that ‘don’t talk to me, I want to be left alone’ mood, I find listening to calming music always helps, whether it’s my favourite artist or calming sounds of the rainforest that I find on YouTube. ‘calming seas’

Anything or anyone that is contributing to making you feel sad or be in a bad place definitely needs to be removed from your life as I’ve noticed bad energy feeds on your vibe. Sometimes it feels like no one can help you, but staying up-beat and finding someone to talk to, whether it’s a therapist, family member or a loved one, can always help and take you away from that dark place that you’re in.

You can always win, don’t let it take over and attack you, try letting go and not caring about what people think of you because being happy with yourself is all you need. Never forget to focus on you always have ‘me time’ sometimes it’s necessary to turn off your phone and focus on yourself, it literally can be the key to happiness.

To read the rest of this post click this or the link below and feel free to leave a comment or get in contact with me if need be

ARTEFACT magazine



26 thoughts on “Dealing with Anxiety

  1. This is such a relatable post. I feel all of this too! My only downfall is I want to exercise but the gym is one of the places that I can either be really relaxed in or it can cause me to panic. It was a really nice read though x

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  2. Great Post, I’ve dealt with anxiety since I was 12, now I’m 25 and just started to open up about it. To people besides my parents lol. It’s truly one of the best methods. That and payer, great blog!

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      1. It certainly did, everyone dealing with anxiety needs to read this 😀 I followed your blog 🙂

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  3. HI!! I’m a new follower! I enjoyed reading your blog and decided to nominate you for the Liebster award on my blog! Check out my Liebster award post. Enjoy!

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