I love art and every creative form used to express it so I thought I would team up and make this short post with two of my favourite girls to try and inspire others. Recently I have been taking the time to try and discover new things, along with this came the interest of dabbling into art and photography. Putting time aside I’ve noticed amazing art on my Instagram feed page; ‘VisualsByAliyah’ who is able to capture a moment effortlessly and ‘JKGPhotography’ who applies her own artistic uniqueness to ever photograph. I love photography because each photo can make you feel a different emotion. Naturally captured art can take you on a journey from just looking at the photos.

I’ve always been an advocate for staying true to what you believe in and living out your dreams and this is exactly clear in Aliyah’s photography and everything else she does

There’s nothing I support more than a woman in control of everything she does, I live by those words and Jade inspires people with her art form


Never be afraid to express yourself, whatever your choice of art form is, because art is however you choose to express your creativity. As long as it motivates you to do better and takes you on your own personal journey then that’s all that matters.

Instagram pages



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