Valentine’s Day Box Swap


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I know, I know its a little late but it’s hard figuring out time zones and the right date to send things abroad. Anyway let’s talk Valentines Day, deep down we’re all hopeless romantics and things don’t always work out the way you intend so why not just have fun with it and treat yourself?

Myself and beauty blogger ‘Erricka Hager’ ( decided this valentines we would pick out some of our favourite beauty items and send them to each other for valentines day. Not only was this fun to do but it was nice to feel treated, so girls.. guys, whatever don’t forget to treat yourself and stop waiting for someone to come knocking. The products I’m reviewing have all been sent to me but I’ll try my best to tell you where you can get them from in the UK

Swapping products with someone from America is literally what I’ve been asking for, because let’s face it no matter how much I love living in London we lack when it comes to certain products/brands. Before I go on I have to give a raving review for the ‘Miliani’ fierce foil eyeshine palette in the shade 03 FLORENCE. The mini palette consist of four colours, two Molten Golds, Rose and a Bronze shade, these are literally so creamy and pigmented and only around £11 on amazon, I don’t think I will be able to stop myself from buying the whole bloody eyeshine palette line. 

Full content of blog swap gift box

I was so excited to do this unboxing and share my favourite products in the box with you, I received so many lovely gifts that you could you could use as gift ideas or simply go and treat yourself as I unapologetically love to do.

Okay lets get down to business, I know you see that glow kit. The shades are literally so pigmented and beautiful, I didn’t even want to swatch them, but I did anyway for you guys of course because when it comes to high end makeup there’s nothing worse than spending on a overhyped product.

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Glow kit swatches

These colours are literally everything, there are four highlights (sunburst, golden bronze, bubbly and dripping in gold). They are so true to colour and would defiantly compliment medium, warm and dark tones. I love that Anastasia cater to a range of skin tones, because we all know how some makeup brands like to play games. All in all I would recommend this palette if you’ve been considering it, it’s a bit on the pricey side but its worth ‘that glow’. It is harder to track down in the UK but try the beautybay website, they never usually let me down.

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Honestly there’s nothing I love more.. well almost nothing I love more than a night in relaxing so these two products were a perfect gift idea. I was so excited to try the ‘patchology’ facial mask trio’s, I’ve seen it being hyped up all over Instagram but have to admit I love them. They are inexpensive and leave you with such a fresh feeling face, don’t be shy boy’s blackheads aren’t cute.

blog oic 5

Being in the UK I just haven’t been bothered to track down NYX products so this was a first try for me, but they have such a great range of products for such a good price *cries in why don’t I live in America*. I usually stick to my safeguard liquid lipstick Salem by Limecrime but I was surprisingly impressed by the Colourpop dupe in the shade Limbo. Lately I’ve been trying lip products that are out of my brown comfort zone, like gloss and brighter nudes but if like me you like browns and missed on on Kylie’s lip kit I would 100% recommend this dupe.. and yess.. you can find it in the UK for around £11 on eBay, now don’t say I don’t hook you up now girls.

To check out Erricka’s gift unboxing click the link below

35 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Box Swap

  1. I’m American living in London, and before I moved here I kept hearing about all these great UK only brands (mostly skincare items). And now that I’m here and have tried everything, I keep hearing about all these great new American brands you can’t get in the UK! Figures!!

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    1. I’ve used to live in the US briefly and I would defiantly agree America is better makeup wise and UK has good skin products, thank you for reading


    2. Hi! I’m a beauty blogger myself ( and a lover of all things beauty, and I recently read an article about how if you live in England it can be really great to head down to France to purchase a wide range of cosmetics. While I personally live in America, I have spent a good deal of time in France and there are tons of Sephoras. Here’s the link to the article:

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